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“How long does composite decking last?” Is a question many homeowners have, especially when choosing between different decking materials for an outdoor remodel. However, with so many decking options on the market today, it can be difficult to know which material is best and how long your investment will really last. In this post, the Blackrock team will discuss the average lifespan of composite decking and provide insight into how many years you can expect to enjoy with your family. 

Wooden Deck Life Expectancy vs Composite Decking

Wooden materials have been a popular choice for decking over the last 50 or so years. However, while the classic look of wooden decking may be hard to resist, it’s important to remember that wood comes with a catch—a short life span in comparison to composite decking material. Wooden deck material only lasts around 10-20 years, and requires some extra maintenance (such as once-yearly powerwashing and staining) if you want it to stick around without rotting for that long. Factors such as weather also play a big role in how long your wooden deck will last—consistent wet seasons can cause issues with wet rot, an issue that can quickly cut the lifespan of your deck in half. 

Trex Decking Life Expectancy

While wooden decking may be the classic choice for many homeowners, it’s important to understand that it has a much shorter life span compared to composite decking. The shorter lifespan of wooden materials is why Blackrock Decks is proud to only install decks using Trex Decking composite materials—so you can get the most out of your outdoor investment. Compared to wooden decks, the average Trex composite decking life expectancy when installed by professionals like our team at Blackrock Decks is 25-50 years. This is because Trex composite decking material is created with a special blend of recycled wood and plastic that is then sealed with Trex’s high-performance, weather-resistant shell for added protection that lasts for years to come. 

And the Trex composite decking lifespan isn’t the only benefit of decks made with Trex—Trex Decking also has a 25-50 year limited warranty on almost all of their products, so you can rest assured that you’ll get a beautiful deck to enjoy for years to come. 

Contact Blackrock Decks for a Quote on Composite Decking Near You

Have more questions about the lifespan of composite decking? Reach out to our team for more information. At Blackrock Decks, we understand that choosing the right deck for your home involves more than just selecting a material—you want to know that your investment is worth it. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision regarding composite decking materials. We can provide you with additional information on composite decking life expectancy and answer any questions you may have. In addition to our expertise, we can also provide you with a quote on your next custom deck in Utah. With our help, you can build the deck of your dreams and enjoy it for years to come. Contact us today for a quote!